Freshen up your meals with citrus


Adding citrus into meals is an easy way to help support a child’s healthy immune system.

Stay healthy when stressed




This Black Bean Florida Citrus Chili with Avocado Cream recipe is a healthy update on a winter favourite that incorporates Florida orange and grapefruit juices into a comforting dish.

Simmer down, let kids cook


Not knowing what’s for dinner combined with having little time to plan meals, shop for ingredients and throw them together, is a recipe for disastrous mealtimes.

The naturopathic approach to food


Food introduction is a very exciting time for you and your baby....

Healthy Eating


Food intolerance is known as a “hidden” condition for a reason. Causes are often difficult to pinpoint, especially when treating children....

Five feeding facts


Whether it’s advice from your best friend or words of wisdom from your mother-in-law, you may be bombarded with nutrition tips for your child....

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