Take a pass on sodium


Sodium is everywhere in today’s food chain.  If your day consists of grabbing a breakfast bagel, packing a deli sandwich for lunch, heating a frozen entrée for dinner, and then munching on pretzels while you watch TV, then you’re...

Midnight munching


By now many people realize that eating has as much to do with boredom or habit as it does with hunger. Studies have shown that munching while watching television or being distracted cause people to consume much more than they woul...

Teen Talk: Cell phones and eating disorders


Question: My daughter is turning 15 next week and desperately wants a cell phone. What’s your advice on this topic?

Be prepared with folic acid


You may vaguely recall hearing whispers about this vitamin at a baby shower. More than likely, the word was uttered by women planning a baby as they shared their tactics to heighten the probability of conception. 

Camp means healthy foods for big appetites


A great deal of media attention these days is focused on children’s health and their level of fitness. The official prognosis by medical experts is poor and the gravity of the situation has prompted legislative action on the part of both...


Blueberries continue to top the charts as one of the best ingredients of a healthy diet.
Considered a "super food," blueberries are full of disease-fighting and anti-aging properties. They also help promote urinary tract he...

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