Greener lunches


The average school-age child who packs a lunch for school generates 67 pounds of waste per school year. That works out to 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for just one average-size elementary school... so what can families do to reduce that was...

Salmonella infections a danger


Salmonella infections are infamous for the nastiness of their symptoms — fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and bloody diarrhea. They're also known for being particularly serious for babies under the age of one....

Healthy eating for the whole family. pets included


(NC)-With Canadians becoming more and more health-conscious, it's only obvious that concerned pet owners would start to place the same emphasis on their pets eating and lifestyle habits, as they do for the rest of the family.
Like chi...

Coffee with kids


Children don’t usually mix well with coffee and conversation so for those parents who crave a café experience but need to keep the kids happy, there’s Small World Café in Toronto’s East Danforth Village....

You'll have lunches in the bag


We’re unwrapping some nutritious and tasty lunches that will bring a smile to your child’s face with the help of registered dietitians....

Genetically modified foods are a mystery


It sounds like the stuff of science fiction – yet it’s entirely real. Genetically modified foods are surprisingly common, yet most of us have barely a rudimentary understanding of what they are. And most of us would be shocked to discov...

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