What could possibly go wrong

I grew up in a house of five boys in one of the safest cities on the planet in an era when helicopter parents (or drone parents, as I prefer to call them) would have been laughed off the playground. Even for that time, however, my parents gave us a long leash.

I'm a Bad Parent

If your at all trying to be a good parent, I can almost guarantee that at one point or another (probably even within the past twenty-four hours) you’ve felt like a bad parent. 


My wife and I had the house entirely to ourselves this past long weekend. It was the first time all the kids had been away and both of us had been at home for a whole weekend in – well, I can't remember how long.

Reading on the Porch

My kids are at daycamp this week. They're having fun wall-climbing, swimming, trampolining, and who knows what else. 

I Make Me So Bored

"For crying out loud, Jayden, Alfie was just over to play this morning. You've had one playdate today already. You're going to scooter with friends this afternoon. Sometimes you need to do things by yourself."

Adoptive Family Camp

Our family is at camp this weekend, a week-long camp that my wife directs specifically for families who foster and adopt.

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