March Break in which you and your kids play Poohsticks

If you have school-age kids, you have March Break. It’s just one week but with the kids out of school, plans must be hatched.

Make 2017 the year of the toque

At this time of year it’s possible to consider the toque to be our national symbol.

Make some time to be a maker this Christmas


A craft that my sons and I create fresh each year utilizes gumdrops as the medium for wintery scenes with figures resembling elves and Santa. 

Time to make up with a musical playmate

Pianos aren’t nearly as popular today as they were in previous generations or even when I was a child taking lessons back in the ‘60s.

Make face time exceed screen time again and again

It would not have been unusual for me to watch an episode of “Teletubbies” when the series first aired in 1997. At the time, there were two little Po fans in our house.

Will boys be boys when they bring on the bling

The little red plastic barrette is long gone but there was a time when it sat on my son’s dresser and when the spirit moved him, would be clipped into his curly blonde hair.

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