Pondering the eradication of a sunflower forest

Something has been eating our sunflowers.  Just as they start developing more leaves, they are snipped off at the ground.

Introduce kids to the tax man

If you have a child who will be filing his or her first return this year or if you simply want to educate a younger child, check out this free do-it-yourself online tax software from H&R Block.

The ABCs and the birds and the bees

If only teaching our kids about their bodies were as simple as helping them learn the alphabet. 

A nomination for a most deserving baby name

Where are the all of the Janes?

A nomination for a most deserving baby name

As old-fashioned names like Isabelle, Annabelle and Audrey are being resurrected, my name has been largely overlooked along with other names I grew up with like Debbie and Karen.

Swearing off: Breaking the bad-language habit


When kids drop a word bomb, don’t lose your cool. Here’s an age-by-age guide to cleaning up dirty mouths.

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