Make face time exceed screen time again and again

It would not have been unusual for me to watch an episode of “Teletubbies” when the series first aired in 1997. At the time, there were two little Po fans in our house.

Will boys be boys when they bring on the bling

The little red plastic barrette is long gone but there was a time when it sat on my son’s dresser and when the spirit moved him, would be clipped into his curly blonde hair.

Why procrastination is such a rewarding goal

It’s when we don’t decide to get something done within a certain amount of time that it doesn’t get done.

When the government gives us a break, take it

“Ontarians work very hard and they deserve to have more time to spend with the people they love.”

Save a cello, get kids stuck on music

As our kids make their way through the education system, it’s important to remember that we’ve forgotten much of what we were taught.

Santa’s elves belong in the North Pole

It’s the modern Santa who lives at the North Pole with a bunch of elves that are supposed to be busy building toys. How is it that they have escaped and become spies to Santa in our homes? Santa knows when you are sleeping.

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