Why Canadian children need a champion

Some of the most complex needs of my patients stem from poverty and not disease alone

Family vacation or family adventure, there is a difference


Crossing the line from rest and recreation to exploring new and exhilarating pursuits is a leap worth taking. The jumping off point for our recent adventure was Ellicottville, a village in up-state New York that’s long been popular with skiers and snowboaders.

Summer is the season for ice cream cone meltdowns

There are many skills that parents must teach their children, not the least of which is how to eat an ice cream cone on a blistering hot day.

Use instant rice for quick and creative meals


Fast food is healthy when it means food that is prepared quickly at home from natural ingredients.

Pondering the eradication of a sunflower forest

Something has been eating our sunflowers.  Just as they start developing more leaves, they are snipped off at the ground.

Introduce kids to the tax man

If you have a child who will be filing his or her first return this year or if you simply want to educate a younger child, check out this free do-it-yourself online tax software from H&R Block.

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