Nutrition program helps families make healthy lifestyle choices


This annual 30-day challenge offers valuable tools to help parents build healthy living habits. 

Baby Book Cover Photo Contest: Share the cuteness


Enter the City Parent Baby Book Cover Model Contest for a chance to win a professional photo session and to see your baby in glossy print on the front cover of City Parent Baby Spring 2015.

Keeping the peace on play dates


In theory, playdates are supposed to be fun, but visits from friends can spark squabbles between even the friendliest of tween siblings

How not to worry when your kids go to camp


Don’t let worries weigh you down. Use them as an opportunity to confront your own needs for safety, control, and closeness. Here’s how.

The rewards of foster care


Foster care familiescan change the lives of youngsters forever by opening their homes to children in need. 

Eat to sleep: Nutrients that support healthy rest


According to the National Sleep Foundation, most kids aren’t getting enough sleep. Here's how to remedy sleep deprivation at your house.

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