Halloween party games


 In an effort to keep the holiday fun for tweens, why not throw a party?

Discover more school options at the Toronto and Halton-Peel Private School Expos


If you’ve been considering private school education for your child, then the Our Kids Private School Toronto Expo on Saturday, Oct. 18 and Halton-Peel Expo on Sunday, Oct. 19 is place to start.

Classroom Secrets:Know your brain


One of the most powerful revelations for many kids and adults is realizing that behaviours, like impulsivity and ADD, have specific brain functions associated with them.

Dealing with tantrums in public


When children start to scream, our natural instinct is to try and be louder than they are in order to get their attention.

Thanksgiving gets crafty


Here are three kid friendly crafts to help inspire your Thanksgiving décor and get the whole family involved.

Say goodbye to ghosts (and other childhood fears)


 When your child comes to you for help with a fear, engage in some critical thinking.

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