DIY Christmas Stockings


Christmas stockings can often be overlooked when it comes to holiday decorating. But instead of leaving them to the last minute or reusing store-bought versions from years gone by, why not DIY some new, personalized Christmas stockings? 

Not your Mama’s salt dough ornaments


Remember the salt dough ornaments you made in preschool? Well, the projects one can create with salt dough have come a long way, baby.

Driving home road safety this Halloween


Driving home the importance of road safety can make Halloween less frightening for trick-or-treaters

Keeping Keepsakes


Our most exciting summer adventure has been a robin’s nest on our porch. It started with a flurry of activity by two robin mates to claim their territory and put together a nest atop a lantern on our front porch.

CN Tower 40th marked with discounted rates this weekend


This summer CN Tower celebrates 40 years since it first opened its doors and as part of the celebration, children can visit the tower this weekend (June 25 to 26) at a special reduced rate.

Childhood Arthritis Awareness Month: Ayden S.


Eight-year-old Burlington resident Ayden S. is trying to #kickarthritis 

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