No hitting


Dear Professor Mom,

I am having a difficult time teaching my three-year-old not to hit or push other children.

Giving back to the planet


Everyone benefits from a healthy planet, and adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle is a great way to give back to your community and its residents.

Cool Stuff for May


Play is a child’s job. Creative play pays off by enriching their development. Check out the May crop of Cool Stuff.

Centreville opens May 2


The fun begins at Centre Island's Centreville on Saturday, May 2. There is no Easter event this year as the ferry is not yet in operation for the season.

Eggs to dye for


Colouring eggs at Easter is a great family tradition. Here are instructions for this fun and simple activity that provides decorations and hard boiled eggs for snacking.

Tax tips for students


For students, the month of April brings not only the stress of final exams but also the deadline for filing your tax return.

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