Baby book cover photo contest


The search is on for a baby model who will make cuteness count on the cover of City Parent BABY Fall 2014.

Make room for baby


There are just a handful of things to put into the nursery -- at least for the time being -- to adequately provide for your baby.

Busy mom, Saphia Khambalia, embraces the chaos


TV personality Saphia Khambalia recently shared with City Parent about her new baby and the joys of motherhood, all while juggling her TV reporting life and charitable endeavours.

Sleep after baby: Myths and truths


Tips are lobbed at new parents with such force that it can be hard to sort fact from fiction — but getting to the bottom of these tall tales means better rest, less worry and more savvy parenting.

How to select a babysitter


The best place to begin looking for a babysitter is within your own community. 

Sweet smelling babies are always on the menu


I gobbled up my own baby boys daily and they giggled and wiggled encouragingly. My hunger for baby has never been satisfied.

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