Sweet smelling babies are always on the menu


I gobbled up my own baby boys daily and they giggled and wiggled encouragingly. My hunger for baby has never been satisfied.

Free car seat installation workshops



Free car seat installationworkshops for families and caregivers will begin at Chevrolet dealerships in Toronto in April 2014.

Seven ways to help when Baby arrives


Remember when your babies were born? How all of a sudden your knowledge about diapers, choking hazards, and purchase options for snot-suckers was far more than you ever imagined?

The nightly grind: Don’t lose sleep over nighttime teeth grinding


Deep, even breathing, blankets softly rustling, the occasional sigh; the sweet sounds of children asleep are music to a weary parent’s ears.

Potty training after dark: The road to clean, dry nights


While parents can’t speed up the developmental process of potty training, they can help encourage dry nights with a few simple steps.

Classic Pooh


One of the world’s largest plush toy manufacturers Kids Preferred, has launched a new line of Disney Baby activity toys for early learners featuring Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo and characters from Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo. 

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