Gift ideas for Santa's helpers


Playing Santa can be a challenge. Take a virtual trip to Santa's gift shop with this collection of kid-pleasing ideas.

Music research study needs little participants


The RCM is recruiting participants ages 0 to 5 for a research study investigating the cognitive benefits of music education.

Rose coloured onesies: Why it matters what babies wear


Society’s ideas about gender shape how even the tiniest babies are dressed, perceived, and treated; in the famous Baby X experiment, adults handled girl infants more often and offered girls more gender-stereotyped toys, while boys were handled less.

Fresh crop of baby stuff


Babies need a some specialized stuff and some other stuff that's just for fun. Here is a fresh crop of baby stuff to satisfy needs and wants.

Sister, change my diaper


As parents we need to be able to talk to our children about the proper names of all of our body parts that way children feel comfortable about their bodies.

Traveling with a time change


 You want to protect your child’s sleep 80 per cent of the time, meaning you want to protect naps, bedtime and their sleep environment and 20 per cent of the time.

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