What you need to know about sleep training


Sleep training is finding a way to give your baby the chance to fall asleep on his own and return to sleep if he wakes during the night or nap and it isn’t time to get up yet.

Babies gain from Ontario's breast milk bank


Breast milk is a unique nutritional source for newborns that can’t adequately be replaced by any other food source, including infant formula. 

Build better bones: Fortify your child against Osteoporosis


You know that kids grow healthy and strong through exercise and proper nutrition, but did you know that childhood is prime time for preventing osteoporosis? 

Spring forward, stay sane: A sleep coach walks you through


Don’t be sleepless this spring. Here’s expert advice to keep Daylight Saving Time from ruining your child’s sleep routine.

Useful gifts for new parents


Headed to a baby shower in the next few months?  Here are some items experienced parents know will be greatly appreciated.

Cool stuff for kids


Check out these fun items that your children are bound to love.

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