Preparing the family dog for the arrival of a new baby


With a new baby on the way, expecting parents may feel a variety of emotions ranging from excitement to fear, and many have questions about raising dogs and kids together. 

Meeting meatless challenges


I faced a peculiar conundrum with my five-year-old this past Easter. One of her Easter-related activities at school involved painting real eggs in their kindergarten classroom and bringing them home. 

Fresh starts: helping kids embrace new things


The secret to a happy life? It may involve an adventurous spirit.

Summer sun safety for baby


Beaches, parks and backyard play: summer is about fun in the sun. But there’s nothing fun about a sunburned baby.

Growing up online: new guidelines for tots and tech


Screens are everywhere, but how do you decide how much screentime to allow?

What you need to know about sleep training


Sleep training is finding a way to give your baby the chance to fall asleep on his own and return to sleep if he wakes during the night or nap and it isn’t time to get up yet.

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