The evolution of watching TV as a kid

Kids today watch television entirely different than how their parents use to watch Saturday morning cartoons. Here's a look at how TV watching has changed.

Grow plants from kitchen scraps

Spring may have finally sprung, but there are still many indoor gardening projects to be done. 

Kid and parent approved carrot cake

This kid and parent approved carrot cake is packed full of  carrots and spices.

A day of discovery at LEGOLAND

On a recent excursion to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Toronto, the kids and I enjoyed an afternoon exploring, building and playing. 

How to cover a cake with fondant


It may look complicated and impossible to do, but covering a cake with fondant is quite simple. 

Encouraging the laundry monster


Keeping kids’ rooms tidy can be challenging enough, but nothing irks me more than discarded clothes left lying on the floor or hidden in corners.

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