How to cover a cake with fondant


It may look complicated and impossible to do, but covering a cake with fondant is quite simple. 

Encouraging the laundry monster


Keeping kids’ rooms tidy can be challenging enough, but nothing irks me more than discarded clothes left lying on the floor or hidden in corners.

The dreaded “I hate you”

 I didn’t expect was to hear the dreaded phase “I hate you” coming from my five-year olds’ month.

Gooey butter tarts


Raisins, nuts, plain – whichever way you prefer – these gooey, delicious treats are worth the indulgence.

Just keep swimming


Sinking or swimming can be a matter of finding the right teacher.

Involve your kids in the kitchen


I’ve discovered that if I get the kids involved in the planning, prepping, and cooking stages, they are far more likely to eat their dinner.

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