Four ways to encourage independence every day


Children can’t flourish if parents hold on too tight. The key is to let kids test their skills in developmentally appropriate ways. Here’s how.  

How times have changed toys marketed to girls

Toys designed for girls have morphed drastically. The trend in feminizing and sexualizing toys and brands is very apparent.

What’s the best cleaner to clean crayon and marker mess


An experiment and a lesson about colouring off the paper.

Saying goodbye is never easy


I’ve lost a woman who enriched my life with so much love, humour and a passion for all things living.

The messy bedroom syndrome


I totally forgot how messy my room (and closet) were as a kid, until I had kids of my own. 

The annoying sibling argument

A good brother and sister relationship is sure to blossom, isn't it?

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