Ear piercing – gun vs. needle?


Getting your ears pierced is a rite of passage, but today, parents have a choice whether to get their child's ears pierced with a piercing gun or needle, but which one is better?

Old fashion summer fun


It may be hard to turn technology off, but a good old fashion summer will make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Vintage baking to remember loved ones


There are many ways to honour the memories of loved ones who are no longer with us. One of my favourite ways to remember my Oma, is to bake a cake using her vintage Bundt pan.

Summer road trip tips


A summer isn't complete without a road trip, but to prevent boredom and the never ending "Are we there yet?" questions, a few essentials are a must. Here are a few tips to make the road trip go smoothly.

Experience Farm Crawl Hamilton


Pigs and sheep and horses, oh my! Twice a year, local farms in the Hamilton area open their doors and invite the public to explore the rural experience of operating a farm.

How to tell whether you should keep your kids home from school


Once kids start school, it’s encouraged that they learn to share, but they also learn how to share GERMS!

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