Just keep swimming


Sinking or swimming can be a matter of finding the right teacher.

Involve your kids in the kitchen


I’ve discovered that if I get the kids involved in the planning, prepping, and cooking stages, they are far more likely to eat their dinner.

What to do with all your child’s doodles


Kids love to draw. Here are a few tips to help keep these memorable pieces of art for years to come.

Gingerbread holiday décor


 If you’re looking for a holiday craft idea to do with your kids, virtually indestructible gingerbread ornaments are perfect.

Do you suffer from Frazzled Mom brain?

Thanks to my Facebook mom friends, here are a few ways other moms have combated frazzled mom brain.

Do you remember learning to read


Here are a few tips I’ve learned through trial and error to help my kids learn how to read.

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