Mini makeovers for mini budgets

We moved into a new home with freshly painted walls. Our furniture, purchased pre-children, was free of marks and stains. The décor was simple, yet tastefully done.

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All dolled up: playing in a doll universe

Nine-year-old Trinity Ann was an only child until last year, when her baby sister Tesla was born. It was Darcy and Audrey who kept her busy – she would bathe and feed them, sing and read to them.

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Chair yoga for new moms: sit your way back into shape

Getting into shape after childbirth can be overwhelming to a new mom who may be struggling as she adjusts to motherhood

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Winter camping 101: An essential guide to enjoying the outdoors in winter

Camping is a beloved Canadian pastime, but booking a popular campsite during the peak summer months can be as challenging as catching rare Pokémon.

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Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology National Historic Site

Hamilton's historic museum


Editor's Note


A craft that my sons and I create fresh each year utilizes gumdrops as the medium for wintery scenes with figures resembling elves and Santa. 


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Will you be travelling during the holidays?