Parenting styles for the future

 Between helicopter parents afraid to relinquish control and permissive parents afraid to exert authority, there is a respectful middle ground, which is not fear-based. 

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Busy or bust: road trip tips

For some parents, kids are just the nudge they need to dust off the passport or cash in the frequent flyer miles.

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S is for surrogacy

Surrogacy. It’s like the scarlet letter in the parenting world despite the fact that one in six Canadian couples experience some form of infertility and is often a last resort for those who want to have biological children.

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Baby Got Back: Why babies bring the (back) pain and what you can do to stop it

Your little bundle of joy is on the way and you can’t get your mind off one thing: that aching feeling in your lower back that seems to just be getting worse by the day.... you are not alone.

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Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology National Historic Site

Hamilton's historic museum


Editor's Note


At this time of year it’s possible to consider the toque to be our national symbol.


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Will you be travelling during the holidays?