Get active: Scrum your way to family fun and fitness with rugby

Every summer, families across Canada feel the urge to get outside and be active. Health experts tell us this is a good thing - an active family is a happy, healthy family.

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Parenteering: Help out at school without burning out

Volunteering at your child’s school gets overwhelming — here are four tips to help you manage your time, guilt free.

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Toy rehab: Giving those well played with toys a new lease on life

There are various, easy ways to rehabilitate toys so they can go on to have more utility and not end up in the garbage prematurely. 

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DIY Baby Food

First bites are a big milestone in a baby’s life.  Give your family a jump-start on good nutrition by introducing your children to a nourishing, whole-food diet at a young age. 

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March Break Camps

check out March Break Camps happening at Harbourfront Centre!


Editor's Note


The title of the Beach Boys album “Endless Summer” has been resonating with me in these waning days of summer. The season isn’t endless but it doesn’t end when school starts.


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Are you all set to send the kids back to school?