Centreville is for kids


Centreville Theme Park’s slogan has long been ‘A place for kids’ and that it truly is.

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Like a girl

So what does it mean to do something like a girl? Always campaign ambassadors such as athlete Stephanie Labbe strive to show the world what it really means to ‘play like a girl’. 

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Check out the following books that are a definite must have. 

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Smile, you're on nanny cam

A nanny should have nothing to hide. When parents must trust their most precious possessions to perfect strangers, it is not hard to understand why transparency is top of mind and vitally important. 

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Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology National Historic Site

Hamilton's historic museum


Editor's Note


Are you being watched? Right now, depending on where you are reading this, it’s possible that you are in the view of video surveillance. 


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Are you ready for the kids to go back to school?